Content Marketing Now was created by dlvr.it to provide overwhelmed marketers with simple, straight-forward advice on the growing field of content marketing.

We became frustrated with the lack of simple and actionable advice geared towards helping the marketer navigate the growing field of content marketing. We aim to provide information that can easily be acted upon.

In today’s always on, always connected world, the consumer is in control and chooses which brands and messages they receive. Consumers are responding less and less to display advertising. Companies of all sizes need to rethink their approach to marketing and focus on creating great content that solves their customer’s problems.

All our workshops, webinars, and conferences follow a simple systemic step-by-step approach that centers on the content marketing lifecycle: Strategize, Create, Curate, Manage, Distribute and Analyze.

Content Marketing Now events gather leading brands, SMBs, advertising agencies, publishers, PR professionals and service providers to focus solely on the latest strategies, solutions and technologies in digital content marketing.

If you are interested in speaking at one of our workshops or conferences, please fill out the speaking request form. If you have a product that you would like to promote, complete the sponsorship form. Or email Bill Flitter – bill AT dlvr.it or call 415.286.5606.